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1. Contrast color design is adopted to enhance visual impact. Solid color and contrast color change can release outdoor fashion trend.
2. The coat is made of lotus leaf water-collecting fabric, where the rain collects and rolls off the surface, easily challenging the rainy and snowy weather. Wind-proof, water-proof, scratch-proof, suitable for outdoor sports wear, back collar film technology for the fabric to bring thick, crisp effect.
3. Waterproof zipper of the front flap and pocket, pressing glue at the mouth of pocket, effective windproof and waterproof. Reflective strip printed on the side of zipper bag makes it safer to travel at night. Velcro is adopted on the cuff to adjust the tightness easily and reduce the cold air attack.
5. The hood can be removed, and the zipper can be hidden in the collar after removal, with fine workmanship and even line trace. The chest can be printed, fashionable, simple and beautiful, and can be worn for leisure sports.
6. The tank adopts anti-static two-sided granulation, fluffy and soft, fine and does not drop the fleece, can not pilling, rapid heat accumulation, lasting temperature lock.
7. Three in one wearing method (jacket single wear + liner single wear + liner and coat combination), a sweep of autumn and winter boring, easy to cope with the changeable rhythm of travel.
8. The minimum order quantity of this product is 500 pieces, and customized styles, colors and printing are supported. Each piece is packed in transparent plastic bags.

This product is suitable for outdoor sports, mountaineering, skiing, company group construction travel and other occasions to wear; Wear it for both outdoor sports and recreation.

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