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1. Choose comfortable polyester/cotton fabric, which is not easy to pilling, wearable, wear-resistant and washable, comfortable and breathable fabric, moisture absorption and sweat removal.
2. The unique lapel design highlights the fashion trend, and the front flap zipper is smooth and easy to wear; The contrast color design of the outer front makes the whole garment bright and bright. Big pockets on both sides of chest, open thread sewing, beautiful and generous, convenient to carry all kinds of tools in the work, simple and slim design includes all kinds of body shape and shape.
3. Left arm sleeve bag, easy to insert pen, simple and practical.
4. The clothing has strong and close stitching, and it is not easy to break and open the seams. The cuff and hem are adjusted and tightened with delicate and simple buttons, which is convenient and practical.
5. The front side of the trousers is equipped with slanting bag, and the back side is taken out to facilitate storage; Crotch stitched, not easy to tear.
6. This kind of work clothes can meet the needs of different types of work. 3D drauging can assist the extension of exhibition and work requirements, and make the wearers feel free to meet the needs of all walks of life.
7. Support customized styles and corporate logo to improve corporate image.
8. If the customer has samples, we can make according to the customer's samples, if the customer does not have samples, we can design according to the customer's ideas, or the customer can choose our factory samples.

Suitable for light industry, manufacturing industry, construction industry, decoration industry, logistics freight, car wash maintenance and other industrial environment.

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